As women we go through so many different stages in our lives. Pregnancy is one of them. It is often described as the most beautiful, magical and fulfilling time in a woman’s life. You can read practically anywhere about the “maternal glow and bliss” once the baby arrives. While this may be true for some (not for all as well), from my own experience both these periods were physically and emotionally challenging. Challenges start from the moment you realize you are pregnant. Think about it for a second. When you saw that “you are pregnant” sign on the stick you may have been happy, surprised, anxious or something else but for you had some concerns from the start. What should I eat? How much? Am I healthy for myself and the baby? Should I stop working out? How should I work out? What is safe for me and the baby? How will I manage to balance my relationships? Will my work suffer? What about after giving birth? How does labor look like and how can I prepare myself? How should I eat and move for the nutritious needs of my baby? I heard my emotions will be all over the place, is that true? Will I have time for my partner once the baby arrives? Personally I was all over the place with my first pregnancy and unfortunately I decided to read every blog out there which made me even more confused.

If some of these concerns came to your mind, as you can see you are not alone. We all try to find answers to these questions in order to have the heathiest and happiest life. We all strive to have everything “under control”. I am here to educate and guide you on specific topics: healthy eating and fitness during and after pregnancy. I am here to support you on an emotional level while you navigate through all the changes pregnancy brings.

Besides my Psychology education, I am a certified wellness coach and also mom of two boys under the age of 5. With my first pregnancy I had my ups and downs with food, fitness and overall emotional and hormonal imbalances but through trial and error as well as my education I managed to find the right tools for each stage of my pre and post pregnancy time and I would like to share them with you.

I am now a working mum and I know the challenges you are facing in balancing it all: eating right at home and work, bouncing back after baby, trying to find the time to work out, staying motivated and disciplined in your health journey not to mention keeping the relationships around you alive. I can relate to your issues and concerns because I have lived and still am balancing it all. I have the tools to help you achieve your most balanced Self!


Working with me you will get access to:

  • Personalized meal plans for any stage of your life
  • Personalized fitness plan
  • Online support for any additional questions
  • Reading materials, videos, guides
  • Support for your emotional wellbeing


I hope you join me on your journey to find your most balanced self and live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life!