• Why diets don’t work

    Why diets don’t work

    There isn’t a diet I haven’t tried over the years and I truly believe that they don’t work, not in the long run anyway. Diet is a temporary restriction of certain food groups that people turn to in order to lose weight thinking that they will be able to go on that diet for a […]

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  • Unhealthy foods that seem to be healthy

    Unhealthy foods that seem to be healthy

    Go to any supermarket and you will see tons of food labeled as “organic”, “healthy”, “low fat”, “free fat” to name a few. It is crucial to understand that the food industry wants us to buy products that are actually not so healthy but seem to be to the average customer. There are some rather […]

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  • Post Partum Depression or Baby Blues?

    Post Partum Depression or Baby Blues?

    It is time to let the guard down and be as real and honest as possible. This might be one of the most personal blog posts I will ever write. Since I am providing services for new and expectant moms as well as stay-at-home moms, I wanted to address the issue of postpartum depression and […]

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  • What is in my pantry?

    What is in my pantry?

    There is a reason why I chose to eat mostly plant based. It is really related to how I feel when I eat this way. It took me some time through lots of trial and error to figure out that I actually don’t like the taste of certain animal products and that dairy makes me […]

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  • What is a health coach?

    What is a health coach?

    A Health coach is providing its client’s guidance concerning their overall wellbeing whether it is related to their eating habits, increasing or changing their fitness activity or helping them achieve balance in different areas of their life (work, family, romantic relationships). A good coach increases client’s capacity to change certain behavior for the better, increases […]

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  • Interviews for moms

    Interviews for moms

    Who better to give their opinion about pregnancy and motherhood than mothers themselves? I am lucky to have women around me that I can share my experiences with and listen to their advice as well. I am honored that three of my close friends C.B, L.B and R.A decided to answer some of my questions […]

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