All foods ARE allowed!

This is SO basic and yet 99% of you trying to lose weight will try to do things perfectly according to your diet plan without realising that you are trying to lose weight for good not and not as a quick fix.

Hear me out: if you lose weight but you haven’t learned how to have your wine, your cake or your burger at the same time, you will end up with a lower weight and a fear of eating those foods.

Those foods became off limits.

But you still want them so you will slip and cheat on your diet and have them eventually right?

What happens when you do?

You will have a lot of those things because:

1. You feel deprived

2. You haven’t had them in so long and you feel you deserve them

3. You will eat them as part of your cheat day and try to go back to the diet from the next day

The way you lost the weight is the way you have to live for the rest of your life UNLESS you want to DIET forever!

Try to forget about every single rule and include as part of your meals or snacks or some evenings your favourite foods as well.

Just because you push the cravings away doesn’t mean they won’t come back

Knowing how to eat in moderation on all foods is key to keep the weight off and stop the cycle of restrictions and bingeing.

Let me know in the comments if this resonated with you or you still think that eating ? clean is the right way to go!