Are your beliefs driving you to binge?

Do you get upset or feel guilty if you eat something “off plan”? Do you beat yourself up with guilt, shame and sentences like:” Why I can’t have more control, more willpower to not eat these foods?”

Even if you were a robot, which you aren’t, you can’t rely on motivation or willpower to help you “not eat”. 

Beating yourself up will make you feel worse and as a consequence of that thinking, you will try to restrict even more the next day to cover up the damage from the day before.
Restricting will eventually lead to a binge and you are back to square one in the restrict-binge cycle.

You don’t need better willpower. You don’t need more control. You need more flexibility. Willpower has nothing to do with it. 
However you have certain beliefs that in the moment the urge comes take over.

You have certain beliefs that if you have these “bad” foods you will go from a state of pain to a state of pleasure so you tell yourself:
1. One bite won’t hurt
2. I will be good tomorrow
3. You live once
4. I need this food
5. I will be happy once I lose the weight
6. I can’t handle my feelings right now
7. Food is the only thing that can help me

These beliefs in the moment of the urge take over and you end up binging.
Try to keep in mind what do you tell yourself when you are faced with a urge and if that actually makes sense or not?