Are your healthy meals triggering you into a binge?

Why having unsatisfying meals as an emotional eater can be a trigger?

When we are thinking about food and eating, the first thought is pleasure and the idea of feeling different than the way we felt before we ate. We are expecting a different experience.

If you are an emotional eater and you are trying to be “good”, you may more often than not make meals that are “healthy” but boring, repetitive, unsatisfying (think salad with no dressing:))

On top of that, as emotional eaters, food provides us more than nutrition. It’s an escape, a resolution, a quick fix for our emotional problems.
If a meal was average we have an urge to fix that somehow and make it exceptional so that we feel better with less emotional baggage.

It’s in that moment that we start questioning the desire for more food. You just ate and yet you want more. You are not sure if you are still physically hungry or you have the need to feel better by eating more. 
This is why it can trigger you to binge until you reach that satisfaction spot that you were craving in the first place.

The remedy for this: include your favourite meals in your diet either as part of a meal or a meal on it’s own.
Learning how to separate the satisfaction from eating with emotional resolution takes time but it’s necessary in order to heal your relationship with food.