Can you heal and diet at the same time?

How do you heal your relationship with food if you are constantly thinking about being thinner and losing weight?You can’t. At least not in the beginning.

There is a process in which at first you need to allow your hunger to speak to you.You need to allow yourself to eat the foods you truly want to eat and break the stigma around them.

Those are not bad or evil foods, just maybe less nutritious.In order to heal, you may gain some weight in the beginning (I did) and thats OK.

Your body at some point will adjust to what is your set point weight- the weight you can keep with zero effort.

What happens if you want to lose a few pounds later on? It’s fine got for it but keep this in mind:

1. Don’t go on a restrictive diet: counting calories, points, weighing your food (it can backfire)

2. Focus on more nutritious foods/ especially protein at every meal

3. Honour your cravings mindfully (never remove fully your favourite foods. The way you lose weight is the way you have to live forever)

4. Move more in general not just exercise (your exercise burns way less than general every day movement: walking, taking the stairs, cleaning etc…)

5. Be patient!