Do you fear gaining weight in your recovery?

Do you have a fear of being out of control around food while you are healing your relationship with food?

First of all, you have most likely been trying to be thinner, smaller and see a lower number on the scale for a long time that the idea of weight gain (although it could be healthier for you and easier for you to maintain) petrifies you.

In the initial stage, you will experience extreme hunger.
Every single food you have denied yourself off, restricted or deemed as “bad”, you will want to eat it.
It’s your body’s natural sign to ask for these particular foods because it has been deprived of for so long.
It’s completely normal and crucial to honour these cravings.

Will it ever stop though?
You may think that indulging in these foods will last forever but it won’t. I have seen this first hand with me and my clients that once your body knows that your eating habits have been stabilised and once your brain doesn’t perceive scarcity coming up, your appetite will self-regulate once again.

Once your body gets enough energy from ALL the foods, you will stop obsessing over food and your body won’t be asking for it constantly. 

The only way to end emotional eating is to go through the phase of honouring your cravings.