Do you feel extremely full after eating?Here is why!

If you feel extremely full after eating and it happens on a regular basis, this might be the reason why:

1. You try to postpone eating for later in the day, saving calories for afternoon and dinner. Once you start eating, it seems like you can’t stop. Partially it’s due to hunger but also your perception that food won’t be available to you for a longer period of time. Try to have regular meals instead and you won’t feel starved once you start eating

2. You are not paying attention to your satiety cues (mostly because you also didn’t pay attention to your hunger cues) or you are distracted with your phone, laptop or the tv. If you want to snack that your snacks in a small bowl and eat from there, not from the whole bag.

3. You are not checking in with yourself while eating. Try assessing if you are  actually still hungry or eating out of habit. Ask yourself whether or not stopping at a certain point would leave you satisfied and satiated or not.

4. You are trying to make your meal so “Clean” but it’s never quite satisfying so you keep eating and searching for food once you are done. You need to feel something, a specific taste and you won’t stop eating until you get it. Your meals have to be nourishing but also very satiating.

5. You are experiencing some emotions you are not ready to deal with and you are definitely emotionally stuffing yourself with food.

Let me know here if you experience this on a regular basis. Let’s end together overeating in 2024! First things first though, free consultation call with me so we can assess your current needs and wishes before making a plan.

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