Do you have any doubts?

A lot of women I talk to think that it’s their lack of motivation and I even heard some said “my laziness” that are causing them to gain weight and overeat in the first place. 

I don’t think that’ true though….
Let me tell you one thing….90% of all my clients, have experienced self-doubt daily in their weight loss journey or trying to keep their weight off and I will tell you why: their previous experiences being on crazy, restrictive diets made them believe they will never succeed or if they do, that the weight will creep back up and back to square one…
Sounds familiar? The famous yo-yo dieting rollercoaster?
While you are on that rollercoaster, here are some of the thoughts you may be having that will trigger self-doubt:

“I don’t have the motivation and discipline to do this again, I will fail”
“I have always been overweight; what makes this time different?I am doomed to look like this”

“I have tried so many times and failed, why would now be different?”

How do we deal with these thoughts?
The trick is to accept your feelings of self-doubt. Yes, accept them as any other feelings you may have.
Accepting self-doubt is normal. You have to quit BELIEVING you need self-confidence to keep your weight off and end emotional eating. This has nothing to do with self-confidence!
All you need to do to lose weight is only eat when you are physically hungry. When the stomach gives you the “sign”, eat. When you feel full, stop. 

Don’t restrict because that will lead to overeating one way or the other. Every restrictive diet leads to overeating and binging. 

You will have many thoughts along the way and that’s normal. It’s only how we react to them that makes a difference whether we will succeed or not.

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