Eating disorder awareness week

Eating Disorder Awareness Week is an annual campaign aimed at raising awareness about eating disorders, promoting early intervention, and providing support and resources for those affected by these serious mental health conditions. Typically held in February, Eating Disorder Awareness Week involves various activities such as educational events, community outreach, social media campaigns, and fundraising efforts.

The week serves as an opportunity to dispel myths surrounding eating disorders, encourage open conversations about body image and mental health, and advocate for improved access to treatment and support services. It also emphasizes the importance of early detection and intervention, as early intervention can significantly improve outcomes for individuals struggling with eating disorders.

Throughout Eating Disorder Awareness Week, organizations, advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, individuals with lived experience, and supporters come together to share information, resources, and stories of hope and recovery. By raising awareness and fostering understanding, the campaign aims to reduce stigma, increase access to care, and ultimately save lives.

I cover in my latest Youtube video all the symptoms (inclusive my own), needed help, options when it comes to recovery and so much more.