“Heal Your Body Image” Course is LIVE!

Want To Heal Your Body Image?

If you feel like you don’t like to look yourself in the mirror, it’s because you have a bad body image.

If you don’t like to show off your body, go to the beach or take photos because you are ashamed of your body, it means there is some healing to be done.

If you feel no matter how much you diet or exercise, you are never quite happy with your looks, It means you are still not at peace with your body.

We are all criticised, judged and complimented for how we look all the time. But why have we internalised other people’s thoughts? How come that we comply and go on diets, restrict our food, over exercise to fit in a mould that was never ours to begin with?

Most of us got detached from our body and we keep chasing the perfect body thinking it will give us approval, validation and success.But it won’t. Compliments validation and approval are temporary because inevitably your body will change. 

Are you supposed to chase forever the unattainable? Maybe, but let me tell you it’s a lost cause.

I will share with you through 5modules how you can heal your relationship with food and your body so you never ever feel ashamed of your body.

If you get this course you will learn:
1. Learn how to cure your negative body image 
2. Learn to stop obsessing over other people’s opinions and judgment about your body
3. Stop comparing with others and be aware of compliments
4. Learn to cut disruptors 
5. Develop self-compassion
6.  Body image components
7. Concept of Objectification and self-objectification tools 

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Benefit #1This course gives you a deeper understanding how to overcome negative body image

Benefit #2This course will help you to stop comparing your body to others

Benefit #3This course will give you the tools to deal with criticism and judgement so you never feel ashamed of how you look