How can you measure your progress with your relationship with food and your body?

How to measure progress that is not necessarily a number? Here are several ways how to celebrate having a more healthy relationship with food and your body:

  1. Having meals with your friends and family without knowing how they made it- not counting calories, macros and zero interest in how many ingredients are in the dish
  2. Being fine with skipping your usual meals and exchanging them for new ones
  3. Giving yourself permission to eat what you feel like eating in the moment
  4. Thinking less about food and being more present around other people
  5. Being more comfortable in the way your clothes fit. Even if you are not the happiest with your figure, you don’t pick yourself apart, you move on with your life
  6. Listening to your hunger cues: understanding when you are full and when you are hungry instead of listening what other people say