How do you binge?

How do you binge?

There are many different types of binges and not all of them are set up in the same way:

1. All in BingeThis Is the one before you start you are mentally prepared it’s going to be big. You plant the big binge. You go to the shop only to buy big amounts of food you can later on binge on.

2. This is my last one bingeThis happens a lot when we restrict food and then want to just have one cookie or one slice of cake. We think we can handle it but we end up eating the whole cake or whole bag of cookies

3. I graze all day longThis is eating out of boredom and snacking all day long. During these days we are not doing much but either figuring out what to eat, or eating.

4. Compulsive bingeThis is not maybe a binge but it feels like one. It’s compulsive eating that feels out of control even if the amounts are not that big. You feel disconnected and afterwards feel guilty for what you have done. You haven’t prepared for it.

5. Planned bingeUnlike the previous one, here you are getting ready to stay home and binge. Many people who restrict food in order to lose weight or try to eat clean in front of others will end up binging when they are alone. It’s very common in movies or tending videos where a person trades a night out with friends to stay at home and binge. It’s presented as self-care? really?

6. Triggered bingeThis one is clear. You are good until something or someone triggers an emotion in you and you go off rails.

7. Detached bingeWhen we run away from emotions we need to find a way to cope and for most of us it’s either alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling…something to give you an instant high when you feel low. It’s a feeling of chasing some kind of happiness when everything feels like s..t.

Which one do you connect with the most?