How to properly meal plan?

When you are healing your relationship with food it can be daunting to eat everything off limits. You may find yourself still limiting your food intake or calculating calories in your head.

You have been used to eating the same repetitive foods all the time, you know their caloric intake and portion size that goes with it.

How can you introduce new foods without feeling guilty?
Write down on a weekly basis EVERYTHING that comes to your mind that you would like to have.
Write down several breakfast ideas, snacks, lunches and dinners (you can obviously cook in batches and eat multiple times a week the same thing if you wan to).

Then comes the important part. Go beyond and add all the foods you wish you eat that are not normally on the menu because you see them as “bad”, “guilty food”, “cheat meals” but that you know deep down you will eat one way or the other: pizza night, sweets, snacks like crackers or chips etc….

Now when you look at your list make a combination of all these foods into meals where it all fits.
The point is not only to introduce the foods you haven been avoiding and then binging on, but to release yourself slowly of the guilt that you have slipped: You can’t slip if it was planned, written out in front of you. You are in charge here.