How to stay motivated when it’s so hard?

“I have no motivation, I am lazy…I lost my willpower”….Sounds familiar?

We’ve all stumbled at some point in our lives where we catch ourselves procrastinating and postponing important things aside. Usually it happens  when we start something new and the spark that ignited the change suddenly disappears. We start a new diet and after the initial boost, we get demotivated and end it. We start working out and then after initial results, we have no more willpower to push through. We give up.

Change is never easy. Getting results also but what’s the most difficult is maintaining your results. That’s the hardest right?

Motivation is not a constant thing, it comes and goes. One day we feel motivated, the next day, it’s gone and we feel defeated we are back to our old habits. Here is what you can do that requires less relying on motivation but more on planning your health journey.

What is your “WHY”?

This is the most important task that you have to figure out and keep reminding yourself of it, daily if needed. We forget why we started something. We know how we felt, we know we decided to make a change and then we forget. Think of the moment you thought to yourself “I am making a change”. What ignited that spark? What was this deep feeling inside of you that you felt that drove you to start this journey? Whatever it was, feeling good, being healthier, keep that main reason as the guiding light in your journey. Let it be the guide when things get tough. Remembering why you’re making healthy choices can help you stay on course.

If you don’t plan it, you will fail

To start a health journey you have to be prepared. Before starting a new diet or if you’re trying to stick to it already and are afraid to lose the track of it – don’t rush. Write down your goals and split them into smaller ones. There is no need to go on a super restrictive diet. There is no need to cut all your favourite foods, it won’t last. Try making small changes bit by bit instead. You can see your progress happening when small goals are achieved.

Where’s the rush?

We’ve seen examples of how people tend to overstress themselves. Because they want fast results. They want them now. And often it backfires them. Your progress or diet journey shouldn’t be affected or ruined by stress, try to minimise stress as much as you can. Don’t obsess over every bite you ate, don’t obsess over the results, the numbers, the measurements. Take it easy. The less stressed you are, the better your body and mind will respond. It’s highly likely that when stressed, you will end up sabotaging your health in the first place. 

Do it together!

You are not alone. You are never alone, you maybe just haven’t found people who are on a similar journey like yourself. Try to find communities, groups, friends who would love to join you in your journey or at least share your journey with them. Accountability is a big key to success. The more time you spend with like-minded people, the more success and perseverance you will have.