How to stop overeating?

Do you find yourself trying to eat clean and be good with your eating only to “mess it up” at night and over the weekend?

Do you find yourself overeating on a regular basis yet you know you weren’t hungry in the first place?

Here are some tips to overcome emotionally overeating while still enjoying the foods that you love:

1. If you feel constantly hungry especially at night, your body is sending you a signal that it needs more food. You are constantly trying to convince yourself that you don’t need as much, but your body knows best. You might need for a while to increase a bit your calorie intake for your brain to catch up and understand that food is coming.

2. Don’t ban your favourite foods. Remember, what you restrict you will crave. So far you have restricted than binged on a particular food and you blame the food for the binging. It’s not the food the problem, it’s your inability to stop. You can’t stop when your brain has gone into all or nothing minded and can’t stop asking for more and more food.
All foods can be part of a healthy and balanced diet if you know how to incorporate them.

3. Ditch the idea that you need to diet. How long can you keep dieting before you realise you have been doing it for years on and off with zero success (zero success long term that is). Diets simply don’t work in the long run.

4. Stop the idea that you will eat perfectly clean for the rest of your life. Not only it’s not sustainable but it’s also not fun!If you are too strict, it becomes a chore and you will develop a negative relationship with food as a consequence. A healthy diet can also include your favourite treats

5. Forget about cheat days. Cheat days are the worst, they give out this idea that this is the day you can binge. It sounds innocent but it will make you feel like you can’t control yourself around certain foods and make you feel guilty for the binge. Just remove them, everyday is the same day when it comes to eating

6. Carry snacks with you at all time, drink plenty of water and don’t go shopping on an empty stomach