“I plan to eat clean” is a trap!

This can be a recipe for disaster.

You think you are doing the right thing but trying to do everything right, stay healthy, have your vegetables, eat your protein and drink your water.

This puts you under pressure that you need to do things right.

What happens if you don’t? Scary ???

Aren’t you allowed to change your mind during the day about your food choices?

Aren’t you allowed to have a sweet tooth you didn’t plan beforehand? ??

Aren’t you allowed to have an unplanned treat at the office? ??

Being prepared is one thing. Obssessing over it and bashing yourself when you don’t succeed is another.

Bashing yourself leads to not trusting yourself around food. ?

Bashing yourself means you have no self control and that you lack basic motivation and willpower to go through with what you intended. ?

Bashing yourself means punishment in the form of more restrictions or bingeing.

One ? won’t make you healthy but also one ? won’t make you unhealthy.

The sooner you understand that the reason you can’t lose weight is because you overeat on things you don’t allow yourself ( in your attempts to eat ” clean”) the sooner you will actually reach your weight loss goals and end the restrict-binge cycle.