Inner critic making you binge?

The inner critical voice is an internal dialogue or thought pattern that tends to be self-critical and judgmental.Here are some common characteristics of the inner critical voice that can lead to more frustration, anxiety and binge eating:

1. Harsh language: The inner critic uses strong and negative language to attack your self-esteem, making statements like, “You’re so lazy,” “You’ll never lose the weight,” or “You’re a failure, you can’t keep with any diet plan.”

2. Comparison: It frequently compares you to others and emphasises your perceived inadequacies. For example, it might say, “Look at how they are on the diet plan; you’ll never achieve that” or “look how good and disciplined they are with their eating, why can’t you be just like them?”

3. Perfectionism: The inner critical voice sets impossibly high standards for yourself and berates you for not meeting them. It might say things like, “You should have done better” or “You’re never good enough.”

4. Magnification of flaws: The inner critic tends to exaggerate and magnify any perceived flaws, making them appear more significant and overwhelming than they actually are. It’s crucial to recognize that while the inner critical voice might be part of your mental landscape, it doesn’t define you, nor is it an accurate reflection of your true worth. Practicing self-awareness and challenging the truth behind the negative thoughts can help in managing the inner critic and fostering a more positive and supportive inner dialogue.