Mental tricks making you binge!

We all know that under-eating, overexercising, restricting your food intake, cutting food groups or going on crazy juice cleanses and detox are a sure path to put the weight back on.However, we rarely talk about mental tricks we do to ourselves that make us gain weight.

1. When dieting, you tend to pay attention to all the evidence articles, books that are 100% in correlation with the diet you are on. This information is your “proof” that you are on the right path and you refuse to challenge the diet itself.You refuse to ask yourself if this diet is actually the right for you. By doing so, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to get more information on other ways of losing weight.

2. You able to convince yourself that a diet you have tried that has worked for you for a short time, is in fact the right diet for you. You don’t question why you gained weight if that diet was so successful in the first place OR is that type of dieting sustainable for you for the rest of your life.

3. All or nothing mentality-I am either on or off a diet. You convince yourself you deserve cheat days as well as being super strict. You can’t be in the grey zone.

4. You continue being on a diet even if it’s not working because you invested maybe more money in some program and you want to reap the benefits. You are not ready to admit that maybe it’s the wrong diet or that you lost some money on a stupid useless program.When your brain plays these tricks on you, it’s hard to notice them. They have become a part of your daily routine. That doesn’t mean that you can’t challenge them no matter how hard it may seem.

Mental restrictions as well as these mental tricks are a crucial component of healing from emotional and binge eating. You may be on a weight loss journey BUT there is a reason why you keep gaining the weight back.