My daily eating routine!

If you are trying to be good with food all week you are already starting the week from the position of scarcity.

When we are trying to be good, it assumes we have been bad with food before, most probably over the weekend so now the only option for us is to try to eat clean and stay away from the ” bad foods”.

That idea of eating clean until the weekend is a recipe for a bad relationship with food because

1. You will eat things you don’t want and enjoy

2.You will force yourself to.push away any cravings

3. You will constantly obsess over the foods you can’t have

4. You will plan your weekend indulging

However….you won’t necessarily plan to binge. You will assume that you can eat your favorite foods in moderation for the weekend.

That won’t happen though because it never does.

On the weekend you will binge on them because you felt so deprived and because you were so good for five days you ” deserve” a reward

Once the binge is over, nothing will feel.good and you will go back to extreme dieting again and again.

In order to get out you must eat different foods during the whole week so you know how to make them part of your daily life and NOT part of a binge