Salad with a side of fries Podcast

As we set ourselves up for the new year, perhaps you’re cleaning up…or cleaning out. Have you thought about cleaning your emotional pantry? This week Jenn is joined by Ana Vucetic, psychologist and health coach. Together they discuss the impact of external factors on our view of ourselves plus how and why we use food to cope with emotions. Then they dig into this “emotional pantry” to help us understand what it is and how to clean it. For 2022 to be our healthiest year yet, this is a must listen!    


  • Welcome back
  • Meet Ana Vucetic
  • Ana’s story – her own struggle leading her to study psychology
  • How different cultures & countries impact our body image
  • The impact of external factors on our view of ourselves
  • How to re-establish the connection to our own bodies
    • The food
    • The mindset around food
    • The triggers
  • What to track in this new year
  • How we’re taught to cope with emotions…by eating
  • The emotional pantry
    • What it is
      • Past beliefs
      • Current triggers
      • The way you view food
  • Shifting the power
    • Triggers, learned habits, current circumstances
  • Dismantling “what I eat is who I am”
  • Tools to clean your emotional pantry
    • Starting point
    • The path – trial & error, journaling, photos
    • Replacing negative thoughts
    • The bird perspective
  • How to believe you know your body best