Is this program right for me?

The 6 months premium package is for those that are ready to peel various layers of their being: the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. With this program we dive deep to understand the psychological, underlying conditions, traumas, beliefs that have been preventing you from reaching your health goals. We identify triggers, learn how to challenge and replace them with healthy habits. Once the inner work done, the personalized approach that works for your lifestyle is set into motion so that you can truly feel free in your body and your mind, one session at a time.  We want to work to create positive healthy habits, get sustainable results without suffering, without restrictions, without relying on your motivation. Join me!

What do I get for these sessions?

  • Weekly 60 min coaching sessions with me
  • Set up of weekly and monthly goals
  • Understanding off the underlying psychological and emotional roadblocks preventing you in achieving your goals
  • Assessment of your past and current lifestyle
  • Understanding of your triggers and how to replace them with healthy habits
  • Development of  your personalized approach to healthy eating without dieting
  • Development of “No more extreme dieting, restriction, poor body-image” mindset
  • Gain self-confidence, get your energy levels up, improve your sleep
  • Learn tools for creating healthy habits without restriction, pain, suffering, isolation from others
  • Learn how to be free in your body and stop worrying about the next thing you have to “fix”
  • Learn how to remove unhealthy mindset around your body and your health
  • Develop a personalized fitness plan that you can follow in a consistent way
  • Increase self-awareness, self-acceptance with my balanced approach to health
  • Learn how to manage stress and anxiety in your life in order to achieve your goals
  • Time management tips for making it all happen
  • Reading materials, weekly workbooks, checklists
  • Online support between sessions
  • Emotional support to achieve your goals


Please request your discovery call with me!

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