Should I weigh myself?

So this question comes up a lot and my answer as a coach is yes you can but you don’t have to. If you do, you either weigh yourself everyday at the same time and take an average number on a weekly basis OR you can weigh yourself once a week exactly on the same day (Remember, as women our weight naturally fluctuates throughout the month so fluctuations are normal and expected).

However most of us have a love/hate relationship with the scale and we don’t use the scale for its initial purpose: information. The number on the scale provides us with the information how our body reacted to certain foods, did it cause us to bloat, get inflamed etc…

If you are thinking about jumping on the scale and you are recovering from dieting and emotional eating I suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

1. What number am I hoping for to see?

2. What information am I looking for in this number?

3. Am I in a good headspace (happy with myself, my body , my life) to handle any number on the scale?

4. Does the number give any information about my self-worth?

5. What do I plan to do based on the number I see on the scale? Will I freak out or try to stay calm?

6. Is there any other way to soothe myself or get the information I need other than the scale?

See, the scale is a very triggering tool for many. Some see a higher number than they expected, freak out and overeat. Some see a higher number than expected and go in a full restrictive mode (that will again lead to binging). Some see a smaller number and wonder how they will be able to keep up with this restrictive lifestyle that made them lose weight and some wonder how much they can eat before they reach their imaginary “upper number” limit. 

Because of these reasons, if you decided to weight yourself and yet you have a history of dieting, restricting or distorted eating, ask yourself first these questions. They might help you in the process of truly using the scale the “right way”.

I would love to hear from you on this topic. Do you weight yourself? What’s your relationship with the scale?