What is food freedom?

I often talk about ending emotional eating and reaching food freedom.Food freedom is not just about eating a donut without guilt though.

Food freedom means :

1. Not being triggered by comments from other people about your look, your diet, their dieting plans…you are aware of your body’s needs and you don’t compare with others

2. You actually choose what you want to eat. Somedays it’s a salad because you really crave vegetables and some day it’s pizza and pastry. You have said goodbye to labelling foods as good or bad and you eat what you are craving and what your body needs. Mind you if you eat a salad when you want a burger you will end up eating both. If you eat a salad and you crave one, you are done with it because it will hit the spot.

3. You eat foods you want to eat regardless of your physical activity or how much you ate the night/day before

4. You snack at random times (even at night because you feel you will be too hungry to fall asleep)

5. You are less worried when you will eat, what you will eat on a daily basis. Food doesn’t occupy that much brain space any more