Why aren’t you losing weight?

Are you not losing weight? I am going to explain you why in a very short explanation.

On Monday you eat 1200 calories

On Tuesday you eat 1200 calories

On Wednesday you eat 1200 calories

On Thursday you eat 1200 calories

Now we come to the good old Friday and you are starved by this point so what do you do? You eat 1500 calories.

Now let me just say eating 1500 calories is not a problem. 4 days on 1200 and 1 day on 1500 is perfectly fine as the average calorie intake BUT….

YOUR MIND goes like this: “I ate 300 calories more than the other days I have messed up my calorie intake, my progress for the week is ruined”.

Because of that all or nothing mentality and thinking “it’s either 1200 everyday or I am not making progress” you decided that the week is ruined and on Saturday you go all in and overeat by 1000 maybe even 2000 calories more.

Sunday comes and you are still in your binge feast mode because you told yourself that from Monday you will start all over again.

So when I ask you why aren’t you losing weight, it seems like your brain forgot what happened during the weekend and you keep saying:” I don’t know I eat 1200 calories a day!”. 

If you took ALL your days into account you would have realised that the average calorie intake was not a deficit but a maintenance and that is why you haven’t lost any weight.

Instead of being in this vicious cycle of restricting and then binging, increase your daily calorie intake by 400/500 calories and you won’t feel starved by the time the weekend comes and your average calorie intake will be in a deficit.