Sofija Stevanovic Juric, Serbia

“Before joining the balanced program I have been struggling with binge eating for years (10+). I was unhappy with my physical appearance but I also realized I would have more and more health issues if I continued overeating. I didn’t hesitate joining this program at all, because I was determined to solve the problem I was dealing with and I was already on that path. The program meant A LOT to me, first of all I learned to recognize my triggers, where did they come from and that food isn’t the solution. I learned to see the difference between emotional hunger and real hunger and also how to sit with my emotions. The most important thing in this program was definitely the support I was having any day, any time and our weekly sessions one on one! Now I feel happier and I feel freedom around food, I eat normally during the day WITHOUT any restrictions! To anyone hesitating joining this course I would say:” Go for it! It’s definitely worth it!”

Mila George, Australia

“Before joining the program, I felt lost, binging frequently, going from one diet to the other. All my time and energy was wasted on dieting.

I actually didn’t hesitate, I wanted to join because I was fed up and wanted the binging to end and feel like other normal people.

I have learned to be satisfied with lesser quantity of desirable food. Still working on my all or nothing mindset. The best thing I have learned was to acquire the ability to just sit with my emotions and also to recognise true hunger signals. I have now the ability to make peace with food and not binge. I feel effortless and relaxed around food.

Ana is such an amazing mentor and was so patient and empathetic while helping me come out of my hole. I managed to stop binging and body shaming myself.

This is a really good programme to end emotional eating, really worthwhile. Would totally recommend this to anyone who is going through something like this ?”

Joey Kolirin, UK

“I had the pleasure of meeting Ana on a self development course and I was instantly struck by her experience and what she has overcome. Ana is very straight-talking and has an exceptional way of understanding human behaviour, specifically around eating habits and when you have this knowledge coupled with her supportive nature, consistency and overall care for her clients, this is a winning formula.

Ana was adaptable, available, patient, understanding and very, very supportive. I am not writing this testimonial to drive revenue for Ana, I’m writing it from my heart having worked with her for a number of months. I really have nothing negative to say and anyone who works with Ana will see the benefits for themselves.

My eating habits will never be perfect but there is a genuine, noticeable difference (for the better) since working with Ana.

Thank you so much Ana. I am forever grateful.”

Joey Kolirin, UK (second testimonial)

“Before joining the balanced program, I was In London. No seriously I was binge eating every day without question. I felt shit and I was in a very bad place. I had no major hesitations about joining. I guess finances always make me hesitate but I had no hesitations about working with you personally. 

My mindset about binge eating has changed in a way that it’s made me more calm but the main thing is that it’s made me change my view on food and not to demonize things. Before I would categorically avoid desserts or ‘bad’ foods whereas now I am learning to eat them mindfully but that doesn’t mean it has to lead to a binge.

I would say that the most valuable thing in the program is YOU.You really are patient, knowledgeable, relatable, supportive and consistent. The support was Absolutely incredible. No matter what I threw at you, you were there for me. You accommodated seeing me late, at awkward times for you. You put up with my lack of replies and sabotaging behaviours and just came at me with consistency. I really, really appreciate that, thank you. 

The most important outcome is The fact that I now binge much, much less. Honestly this is 100% true. I am not ruining my days before they have even started.

Anyone on the fence about joining should do it because this program is a game changer and you are a very special person.”

Linda Harris, United Kingdom

“Before joining the Balanced program I had bad eating habits and I lacked the discipline to change that about myself. I wasn’t sure in the begging due to my commitments and lack of time if I would be able to find the time to commit to the programme. Since I have joined the programme the main mindset shift for me is that I weigh up the consequences of eating something that will not sit well with me (eating for emotional reasons) instead of eating mindlessly and then thinking “I shouldn’t have done that”. I am more present in my eating. I have finally understood why I was eating the way I was and I managed to have more self-awareness and discipline with my eating habits. I have improved my eating habits and I plan well my meal which wasn’t the case before joining.

The best thing about this programme is that you are not alone. Regular meetings with Ana and the fast that she available to answer at all times your questions is very valuable, especially in the beginning. Regular checkups from her side made me feel very supported. I would advise anyone who wants to join, to just do it! There is so much knowledge to benefit from and it is easy to get your questions answered in a safe and supportive environment”

Anna Yezhova, Ukraine

“Before joining the program, I constantly felt bad about myself and my body, trying various diets and approaches, none of which yielded any positive or long-term results. I was already slipping into comfort eating, having snacks between meals, and choosing the wrong types of foods, like bread, cookies, and chips, which were making me even more unhealthy than I already was. 

I was looking at the posts for a few months before joining, and while Ana’s message seemed different from the other offers, I still wondered if this program was right for me. I feared I would fail again, like all the previous times. Getting to know Ana personally, even briefly, has changed my mind, and I decided to try the program. And I am pleased that I did.

When I think about the benefits of the program, I think I grasped the concept of ‘mindful’ eating. It is still challenging at times, but I am much more aware and conscious about the emotional aspect of my behaviors around food and the triggers that provoke me to overeat or eat when I am not hungry. The journey is not about control anymore but listening to and trusting my body’s needs and reacting to the clues carefully and consciously. 

I would like to add that I succeeded because of the meetings. The most important was the weekly online meetings, the space to share about the wins and challenges with others on the program, and Anna’s support throughout. Whatever the questions and requests, she was always there, listening actively and emphatically and sharing not just pre-packaged advice but something very relevant and individual for the specific situation. The most important outcome is coming closer to accepting myself as I am, in the imperfect state, thinking that it is ‘ok’, and being at peace with it as a starting point. Getting out of the cycle of the pressure of having to lose weight, keeping from the foods that are ‘dangerous,’ and getting to the point of focusing on the positive things that are already there and building on that. 

Lastly, I want to add that the support was amazing and is the most important part of the program, in my mind. I think it has just the perfect balance of both group and individual consultations, using different channels – online and even offline meetings 🙂 

If you are in doubt, go for it, this is not a quick fix – but if you are willing to give consistent effort and are looking for a personal approach, and need support every step of the way – the program is the right choice”

Inga Thorarinsdottir, Iceland

 “Before joining the Balanced Program, I had periods of ups and downs but had been stuck in a period of over-fasting and overeating for a while, that was impacting my quality of life and causing me quite a bit of stress, especially when it came to the idea of having to travel or get dressed for events. I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest money in a program as I simply wasn’t sure if it would work for me.

Since I have joined, I have had an easier time with managing my thought process and as a result been less stressed about food. I am now able to observe my thought process and the freedom that comes with panicking about weight loss or gain. My mindset and also knowing that I don’t need to do anything drastic to lose weight if I gain it has changed as well. I just go back to my life and my weight normalises in a few weeks. 

The support was incredible, I could have used it more but even knowing it was there was very helpful. 

The best thing about the program is that I got the tools around mindset, and knowledge that even when I fall back into more obsessive thought patterns and as a result eating patterns, I now know that with refreshing my memory a little bit and revisiting what I’ve learned I have the tools to free myself from that loop. 

If you have the time and want to invest, this program will give incredible results and increased quality of life

Amanda Percival, United Kingdom

“Before joining the Balanced Program, I was feeling extremely low in myself. Feeling bloated, uncomfortable, low self esteem and about to join WW again. After finishing the program, I now truly believe that my old habits are starting to fade. No food is off limits so I’m not so obsessed and I’m so much kinder to my body.  I understand now why I am like this, why do I hurt my body constantly when it has had my back forever. Being able to relax around food most of the time has been the greatest gift.

Not only has my relationship with food changed, this program has helped me with so many different things: spending money, alcohol and my relationship with my body. Learning to sit with my emotions has been so hard and I don’t always get it right but I’m finally comfortable in my own beautiful skin. Also doing it for me and no one else. I can go for a meal and not have a complete panic before, during and after. I now sit look at the menu and order exactly what I fancy! 

Ana has been there for me in every way. Going the extra mile every time and I am so truly grateful. Reassuring, knowledgeable and always there. 

The most important thing for me is understanding why, why I have spent most of my life dieting to be smaller, being miserable in the process and still the same unhealthy thoughts when I was smaller. 

If you are contemplating, join!!!! It will change your life in more ways than 1!! It has mine!!”

Susan Angelo, United States of America

“Before I joined the Balanced Program I felt I needed to work on my relationship with food. Too often I satisfied emotional voids with food. By joining the Balanced Program I was able to work through some of these issues and began to look at food as nutrition for my body not to solve emotional issues. Ana has a wonderful program and welcomes all. The program is thoughtfully put together with weekly support to help you through the process. It is also great to meet other people going through the same things and to have an outlet to talk about it together. I highly recommend the Balanced Program to anyone who has been putting off taking care of yourself. Invest in yourself! “

Caroline Bowes, United Kingdom

“Before joining the Balanced programme I hated my body and was so disappointed in myself for failing time and time again at dieting. I hesitated to join because I had become so sceptical about dieting and weight loss programmes.
My mindset has so totally changed with regards to my body. I am now happy with my body and more importantly my relationship with food is so much better as a result of not restricting what I eat. I no longer binge and indulge in emotional eating. The most valuable for me in the programme is the weekly zoom sessions, the one on one sessions with Ana if I need them and also the practical advice in the modules oh and the hypnotherapy sessions.  In fact I find every aspect of the programme to be most valuable.

The most important outcome for me so far has been my new positive relationship with food.

I feel I am now in total control as regards to my eating and weight management. This is so empowering I have never felt like this in all my 60 years.

The support was and is amazing any questions I have are answered fully.  Any support I need is always there.
The most important outcomes of the programme for me has been my healthy relationship with food and understanding why I had always emotionally eaten.  I now have the tools to overcome this. I finally feel that I am in control and that feeling is amazing. 

I would say don’t hesitate it is the most beneficial decision that you can ever make.  This programme is truly life changing.

Thank you so much Ana “

Lejon Lehtinen, Sweden

“I joined the balanced program because I was in a place where I was eating my emotions and binging often. I joined because I wanted to change, both my body and mental habits.After being in the program I can say that my mindset has changed, as I now look at my body in a positive way, and I have changed my bad habits. The most valuable part of this program was the support I received and help as well.There are many positive outcomes but the most important outcome for me was the changing habits and loss of some weight. I feel like I accomplished a lot with my habits and binging, and before, I believed that nothing could be fixed. If you are on the fence about whether to join or not, go with it, it is very helpful if you want to quit emotional eating.”

Rebecca Fox, United Kingdom

“This is one often easiest testimonials I’ve written as my life really has been transformed since I started working with Ana and joined her program. 
Since I was a child I’ve had issues with food. This made me have many issues with my body and as a result I’ve spent my whole life on and off diets! 
Initially I never saw it as a problem, for me it was way of life, living on a cycle of diets that kept me anxious and self conscious. At 36 I knew this had to change as it was consuming my entire life and quite frankly I was tired of feeling this way and never being happy with myself. 
Ana’s program was incredible, so easy to understand and follow, and the support she gave along side it made me feel like I ‘could do this’ and 6 months later I have done it! 
My only regret is that I didn’t find Ana earlier in life.  But I am definitely grateful to her for helping me heal my relationship with food.” 

Annika Saar, Estonia

“I have been dieting my whole adult life. For me it was already normal and I didn’t know any other way. I was binging and then restricting. I lost weight only with restrictions and I thought when I got to a certain number on the scale I would be happy. I didn’t think there was a solution to that because I have tried every diet, I know what is healthy food and what is not. From the first sessions with Ana, I realized that it wasn’t about food and restrictions, but but getting my head sorted. I started looking food and my body differently. I wasn’t restricting myself and I lost weight, I never thought this could be possible. I also learned a lot about myself and my other problems in life. I’m not stressed anymore around food, I’m not constantly thinking about food-this freedom is something I never thought I could get. Thank you Ana for changing my life!”

Jean Wisemayer, UK

50 years of binging 50 years of ‘dieting’. 50 x 50 diets (restricted eating) 50 years of remaining in a cycle of ‘successful’ weight loss; weight gain and further self sabotage. 50 years of (negatively) judging myself after standing on weighing scales. 50 years of believing that my ‘problem’ was one of not being able to sustain a weight loss. 50 years of indoctrination that my life would be perfect…..if ONLY I could ‘just’ get down to a specific weight. ….come forward to January 2022 when I was introduced to Ana Vucetic’s ‘THE BALANCED PROGRAM’. A programme that focuses on enabling the client to ‘end emotional eating.’ A thoroughly interactive course that has enabled me to start finding ‘PEACE WITH FOOD’. For example… By just listening to my hunger cues I am learning to recognise when my body requires nourishment. I am rarely eating by the clock now. When in social settings, learning to be ‘very present’ with the company I am in….and not fixating on worrying how I’m going to cope with feeling overwhelmed when choosing what to eat from a buffet. My social life has taken on a whole new meaning and I have become much more self confident because of it. Learning to understand the feelings and subsequent emotions that may be a precursor to binging. Letting such emotions happen. Enabling myself to truly experience such emotions. Letting them move along and pass on by. To appreciate that I am ‘safe!’ Ana has been incredible. She has truly opened my eyes and mind to understanding my relationship with food. How living for decades within the diet culture, the restrictive eating patterns that come with dieting just perpetuates feelings of failure and low self esteem. There is so much more to this course but I don’t want to spoil and give away all of the surprises. This is the BEST personal investment I have ever made and having invested, (wasted), with every diet under the sun for the last fifty years this has been a bargain. Thank you Ana!!!”

Theresa Martin, UK

“I have joined the Balanced Program in order to lose weight. What happened besides my 15 kg weight loss was that I never had so much food freedom. I was listening to my body, with Ana’s guidance was working on my triggers and I was more and more in control of my emotions. I made peace with food, I don’t restrict anymore, I stopped binging at night and I feel in control of my emotions. I am grateful for this method that has helped me to feel comfortable around food for the first time in decades”

Tereasa Lynn, USA

“Emotional eating. Those of us that experience it know that it can be a very lonely, frustrating place. We know that we shouldn’t eat this or we ate too much of that. But in the moment, we think that we don’t have any other choice to ease the pain, to give us some relief even if it just for a little while. Despite talking with friends, family, counselors, or even physicians like myself, no one could really teach us or help us at the core of the problem. Just follow this diet, try this medication, weight loss surgery is the key. We have heard it all, even maybe tried them all. But still find ourselves alone, sabotaging all our well intended efforts. Then I heard a podcast one day while I was driving where Ana was talking about emotional eating. I could hear the passion in her message. I could sense that she understood. So I decided to reach out to her, 8 time zones away. Best decision I have ever made! Ana and I talk via zoom like she is in my living room. I have learned so much about myself. I can finally envision of no longer being imprisoned by food and am so excited to see what my future self looks and feels like. So do it for you. Take the step toward freedom!”

Katri Truu, Estonia

“At the time I started working with Ana I was in very bad health, overweight, and had quite bad eating habits. Although I had tried to improve them for many years. I had some success, but mostly I was unable to get rid of my need for constant snacking, comfort foods and emotional eating raids. It is now 6 months after working with Ana. She guided me to understand the balance of different food components and how to fill the physical needs of the body, so that my body was satisfied and full with the good foods and did not had the urge to constantly have something additional to snack. And also Ana pinpointed very clearly where my emotional eating patterns came from and what influenced them, and helped me to solve these emotional issues, gently and caringly and at the same time with clear and action-taking attitude to actually make things happening. Now, 6 months later, I am in my perfect weight, my health is much better and I have much more energy. I am not the slave to my food urges any more. I decide with full understanding what and when I eat and feel good with my food habits. Thank You Ana! You are a real gift to people!”

Juta Palmeri, Estonia

Working with Ana can be life changing. The way she works, guarantees results:By taking holistic view on a person – mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Showing “tough love” – caring for the person and at the same time monitoring the progress.

Creating safe environment to handle all the possible topics.

Chiara Campelli, Italy (Group Coaching)

Ana’s support in the group coaching was exceptional. She listens carefully and helps you reflect on your own words, and the meaning behind them. She guides you without being authoritative and helps the participants in the group share their stories without shame or judgement. I would recommend her support for anyone who is looking to find a bit more balance, whether it is about work-life balance, eating habits, and finding time to dedicate to ourselves. The journey is not about losing or gaining weight, it is about finding the balance you need in life in that specific moment. And she is your perfect guide.

Ani Pinkert, Miami

Working with Ana, is a true pleasure. Her professionalism and her dedication to understand you makes a huge change in your relationship with food, and with yourself. I highly recommend working with Ana if you are searching for food peace and freedom.

Elina Paemuruu, Estonia (Group coaching)

‘Time is very valuable for us, so simplicity rules! Ana’s coaching helped to start healthy eating habits in a relaxed way!’

Kasia, Poland (Group Coaching)

I would like to thank Ana for our group coaching sessions “Weight management and overall well-being”. Throughout the sessions not only I learned about nutritious food and balanced diet but also how to plan my day better in order to achieve my goals. I always wanted to loose few kilos that have stayed with me after 2 pregnancies. I always thought I ate healthy and exercised enough, but couldn’t see any results on the scale neither on my clothes. I lost my motivation and wondered if I would ever be able to reach my dream weight goal. Thanks to Ana I understood that there are many other aspects in my life that distanced me from my goals. Ana was always professional and made me feel very comfortable during our sessions. She never left any of my questions without an answer. She helped me to understand how to find balance in my life with simple and effective tricks. I see a change in my life, body and soul. Thank you Ana, for helping me to find the balance and to see my goals in a reach of a hand.

Hana Stanisavljevic, Serbia

“I have been struggling with belly fat for some time now. After having two children a year apart and lockdown striking I have gained weight to say the least especially around the belly area. I have tried numerous exercises but nothing stuck as a routine probably because I couldn’t see absolutely any improvement and got quickly discouraged from continuing. I am beyond grateful for Ana not only for providing me with a balanced diet to fit my needs but for first and foremost going that extra mile to explain why I gained weight and how the body actually functions. The key sentence that stuck with me was never be hungry and it actually worked. I started seeing results after 4 days, I felt lighter, I started losing weight and I am never hungry!!! I eat regularly but I eat the right things and feel better not only physically but mentally as well”

Mateja Zenzerovic, Croatia

“My experience working with Ana Vucetic can only be described as a professional, thorough and a very pleasant one as I was a bit reluctant to work with a coach in the first place. During the sessions we covered together the main topics that were for me the most important one: relationships and bringing in changes into my life and to people around me. After this experience I feel more empowered, self-aware of my needs and the changes I am making for a happy life! I was also determined to make certain changes in my eating habits that were ultimately impacting my relationships as well. She gave me excellent insight and tools for me to work with so that I can feel full of life, healthy and satisfied in my own body. I would recommend this program to anyone who has any doubt in the quality of their life seeks for an improvement and a lifelong lasting changes”

Sonja Wenzel, Germany

“Working with Ana Vucetic was a full success, very rewarding on many levels. Although we started the coaching focusing on more physical wellbeing, due to some life-changing events that came up for me shortly after we started, it all became a very holistic coaching experience, covering far more areas of life, including emotional stability and coping strategies in an acute crisis. It was a real down-to-earth help for me to get through that time and to even get some areas worked on that I initially wanted to take care of. She is an amazingly confident and strong woman who makes it tangible through her words and guidelines that you can yourself increase your sense of self-care no matter where you´re at right now. She is effortlessly able to break down complex issues into some basic principles and in this way prepares you to address whatever you want to work on in a very sincere, sensible and realistic manner. Talking to her on a weekly basis has been an amazing support and I am very thankful I got the chance to have her coach me in this way! I felt absolutely seen, acknowledged, appreciated and picked up exactly where I was. I had a great progress during coaching and still benefit from it every day. Can´t say thank you enough!”

Julia van Daag, The Netherlands

“I met Ana somewhat coincidentally, but at exactly the right time in my ‘journey’. After a two-decade search for practical, realistic and most importantly sustainable advice, a sound coaching was exactly what I needed and received. Ana pointed me in exactly the right direction. She did not simply give me advice or a plan, but took part, got involved, and together we tailored lifestyle changes that suit me. You will not receive any generalized one-size-fits-all treatment, but personal attention that suit your life and goals. Step-by-step we implemented a training and eating ‘arrangement’ rather than a plan, that is not only flexible but easy to follow and most importantly that is sustainable! With her solid knowledge of nutrition and physical exercise, as well as her vast experience, she can relate and is understanding rather than dogmatic – and has the susceptibility to know when and when not to be tough on you. Owing to her background as a psychologist and respective professional understanding of my situation, Ana was able to point me exactly in the right direction – physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally. I am stronger, fitter, feel lighter and like I am on the right track. I have lost 8 kg since we started working together and additionally Ana was able to pinpoint an issue that needed addressing and was hence able to suggest what my next step should be.

For the first time in my life I can truthfully say that I am exactly where I need to be right now.”

Sutasinee Tongwan, Phillipines

I went to see Ana one month ago for the nutrition consult. I was getting married in one month time and really hope she could help me plan the healthy meal. Ana started with 2 weeks plan and to be honest it was hard for the first week. She asked me for the feedback very often and always ready to change to fit my satisfaction but still in a healthy way. Things are always easy by time. My system accepted the new way of health. I lost almost 4 kgs in one month. But I am not over weight and 3 this is a lot for me. My skin is clearer and my digestion my constipation changes significantly. So now I am ready to fit in my wedding gown.

Thanks Ana. You are gorgeous.

Sharifa Al Balushi, Oman

I came to see Ana in order to lose weight. I want to say that she had put so much effort into working with me for three months and has also put up with my questions, doubts, fears along the way.
Starting a healthy lifestyle was a rather difficult task for because it was a completely new way of eating. With Ana’s help, I worked really hard on breaking my habits, eating patterns and ideas what healthy eating is. I was in so much denial and had lots to learn.
After I got the hang of it, to my big surprise I started to enjoy the food, I felt lighter, I was sleeping better, moving faster and was able to pick up my workout regime. I lost 10kg in 2 months and I am off now to the third and final month of the Balanced by Ana Program. I lost the weight I intended but I also gained more self confidence, faith in myself and I learned for future reference how to properly combine my meals and portions

Anni Vahtras, Estonia

“I came to see Ana because I wanted to lose the baby weight that I have been carrying on for a while. I didn’t know what to expect but my sister worked with her a bit before so I knew I could trust her and get results. What I liked was that she actually gave me lists of food to choose form, it was very much made for me, a plan that is sustainable, options and alternatives for going out and eating with the family. Her approach is simple, be consistent, make small changes and you will see long lasting results. It is not about deprivation, but about eating healthy all the while enjoying time with your family and special occasions. Without too much effort I lost 2 kg and will continue following the plan”

Toma Torseke, Lithuania

‘I have been training with Ana for a 2nd year now and with my busy life I got into a habit to meet Ana couple of times a week. I have been sporty and a runner all my life, apart extremely busy period when I coudnt find time for exercising. At some point I understood that its not sustainable, and I need some help or push. I heard about Ana from my friend who looked startling and said that she has been exercising with Ana and feels an impact in her body and decided to give it a try. In the beginning I though of a few months just to get me started again into the habit, but I got to love exercising with Ana and cant imagine now life without it. In the beginning I had my doubts – as some of the exercises seemed too easy, some too difficult and some crazy. When I would complain, Ana would laugh and would say that she knows I can do it and she was always right. Results started showing in few months and even if I didn’t see yet myself, a lot of people started complimenting. Ana always said that first is the eating you have to fix if you want to lose weight, but I love sweets and wine and late family dinners and have no personal cook. But even without changing a lot in my eating habits my body started changing and got more toned and I got back into dresses that coudnt fit anymore.  Also my daughters started joining exercising (11 & 15 back then) and they loved it too. One daughter who is 12 right now goes with me permanantly and she grew stronger, more balanced and coordinated, with more beautiful body shape. When she went into addittional sports – boxing, she was herself suprised that she is way more fit now. I love that exercises are constantly changing, getting more complex or difficult, also love exercising in her preheated training room. A big bonus is that Ana is very flexible with timings, she is very affordable, knowledgeable and professional, and she is simply fun’

Adam and Mona, Twins from Oman

“We are kids, 11 years old and our mum contacted Ana to help us with healthy eating and getting rid of some bad habits. We love chocolate, chips, pancakes with Nutella and ice cream. We didn’t know what she would say but we were very happy that she made a very nice plan for both of us that included some of our favorite treats. She was able to make nice meals with our favorite foods but healthier. We still got to eat with our families, pay attention to treats and we also started playing more water sports and football. We both lost 5kg and we want to say :Thank you Ana!”

Zainab, Abu Dhabi

“I met Ana during my first pregnancy trimester. By that time I had gained quite a bit of weight and my doctor was already worried. He told me to start moving more and pay attention to my food intake. I didn’t know what to do so through a mutual friend I got in contact with Ana. She immediately reassured me that she can help me and was so nice in her approach, no shame, no judgement. We made a very sustainable meal plan for me and also an exercise plan that I managed to do with some modifications until the end of my pregnancy. I learned for the first time (while pregnant!) to eat the right way, to honor my cravings and pay attention to my triggers. I never before made any kind of meal preparation but now it’s part of my daily life. I feel finally after giving birth confident that I can eat right, listen to my body, I feel finally free from dieting and I can truly enjoy being a healthy mom to my baby girl”

Mohammed Al Balushi, Oman

“My journey with Ana began when I understood from my doctor that I am completely insulin resistant. Despite exercising daily, having a slim figure I definitely wasn’t paying attention to my food. I was diagnosed pre-diabetic. I panicked. I didn’t want to go on medication for life. Ana first and foremost explained me what it means to be insulin resistant and then we started with analysis of my daily life, my approach to food and overall lifestyle. She explained me how to create a meal plan to keep my blood sugar in check, how to eat out, how to enjoy food without restrictions but being mindful because of my condition. I never thought about food as something that can impact me so much. I was clueless how the foods we eat can impact our health and I was ready to make a change. We had weekly meetings, she was following me closely and within 6 months I was back to a normal and steady blood sugar. I lost extra weight as well as almost 10% body fat and I have never felt happier. My biggest takeaway is: empathetic open-minded coach, knowledge, focused both on physical and mental well-being and 100% supportive”.

Hader , Abu Dhabi

“Losing weight is one thing, finding peace with food and my body is a whole other topic. I struggled with poor self-image and overall bad relationship with food and my health for decades. With Ana we worked to figure out what was happening deep down before we have managed to control my eating habits. I am finally at peace with my body, my life and never healthier.Down 35 kg and off medications”

Fatma Al Balushi, Oman

“I came to see Ana through a recommendation and all I can say is that she changed my life. I was always looking for comfort in food, I was even teaching my kids the same! After 6 months of hard work, lots of tears I learned a lot about my patterns, my beliefs and things I had to challenge. Once I got over those hurdles, I stopped using food to cope.I started to listen to my body after a very long time. I am no longer dependent on food to fix my emotions, it’s freeing!”